Always dreamed of being a Professional Home Staging Designer?

Introducing The "On-location" hands-on
APSD™Stager Pro Certification Program

Led by Karen Schaefer - Founder, APSD™ 

“Work side by side with Karen Schaefer, the only “Masters Level” Staging and Design Instructor in the World! She will take you by the hand, property by property and Personally Lead You to greater staging success, by showing you all of her secrets, techniques and strategies of her “Proprietary Staging System” that will ultimately make you the very Best Professional Stager, allow you to Build Greater Wealth Faster and thus enable you to Live the Life You have Always Wanted. Plus, you will enjoy Fun and Creativity in your life and business - like you have never had before.

Hi, I am Karen Schaefer, the Founder of Simple Appeal™ Inc. the Premier Nationwide Staging and Design Company and President of APSD™


f you are currently in the real estate industry or know that you have a knack (or would like to have a knack) for staging, décor and design, then as you take a few moments to read this letter to the end, it will become abundantly clear to you that I’m describing a one-of-a-kind training that could be responsible for you living the dream you always imagined was unobtainable.

An opportunity for you to be coached and mentored directly by Karen Schaefer - The #1 Property Staging and Design Business Coach in America – where you will:

Karen Schaefer Founder, Simple Appeal Inc and APSD

Find out the secrets to staging EVERY type of property   Big, small, moderate, expensive, occupied, unoccupied... all the strategies and techniques you need to hone your craft and get the results you are looking for whether it is your property or that of a client. 

    Never be left alone. With your ASPD™Certification, you will constantly network with a nationwide team of StagerPro’s,Property Designers and APSDTM Members. You will also be involved in our on line staging trainings and expert calls each month along with having access to our headquarters office for those intense challenges and questions. For as long as you are an active ASPD™ Certified StagerPRO Member you have a team behind you to support you in your constant growth.

Quite Possibly the perfect training for anyone already involved in the Staging or Real Estate Industry or anyone looking for Additional Income Streams and a New Business

 If you feel as though something is absent from your current situation, this might be the perfect “missing link” to fill the gap. 

How often have you told yourself that you have a flair for design?

Do you love HGTV? Is this a perfect compliment to your existing business or lifestyle?

The staging business is HOT-HOT-HOT! The media has been quick to jump on the staging and “curb appeal” bandwagon:

"...These Days it is a buyers market so it pays to make your home standout. Staging can increase your sales price by 7% and make your house sell up to 100 Days FASTER" 

Matt Lauer

Today Show

For legitimate Staging & Design Training companies
(the rare few who actually know how to stage every type of property and who actually run a staging company), all of this positive press and “BUZZ” is good news. However, you need to beware...

 WARNING - Lots of People Can Show You How to Make a House Look Pretty

 Very few can show you how to really become a successful and effective stager - making lots and lots of Money… 

The BAD NEWS is that all this “buzz” has led to a “feeding frenzy” of so-called staging “gurus”, with courses, seminars and books popping up everywhere.

Maybe you’ve been lured into one of those high-priced seminars promising to show you how to stage a home – and all you got was a crash-course in making a house look like "Pottery Barn". We both know you could of figured that out on your own!.

 Weren’t you already able to place 3 candles on a plate? Didn’t you already know about the cookie and bread trick before you paid them? 

If so, you have wasted your time, money and creativity and in the end, you’re left dealing with the *sighs* and disappointed looks from a spouse or business partner who’s tired of wasting money on seminars, courses and Clinics that leave you completely unfulfilled and don’t produce the results promised!

 Let me let you in on a dirty little secret these “wannabe experts” don’t want you to know... 


most staging courses and seminars are run by people who’ve never actually staged a home in their life. Instead, they’ve read a few design books or maybe have a university degree in design. And what’s worse, they have no experience in running a profitable staging & design business. They have no clue how to actually stage– period!

 So how in the heck can you expect them to teach YOU to do something they don’t know how to do themselves???

 Who I Am and Why You Should Listen to Me

I’m a former Hollywood actor. Maybe you’ve seen me in major motion pictures with Bruce Willis, James Woods, and Sarah Jessica Parker and more. But that’s not necessarily why you should listen to me.

I’ve been a corporate spokesperson for high profile industries, many fortune 500 companies and I’ve even worked with some of the most exciting and profitable “dot com” businesses around!

I’ve been a featured presenter on HGTV.

But again, that’s not why you should be excited. Here’s why you should stand up and pay attention:

In the last 4 years I’ve personally turned over $6 Million Dollars in property as a real estate investor - single family, multi-units as well as commercial properties. But it’s the “how I did it” part that should interest you most... 

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This is MORE than Staging...MORE than Curb Appeal...

I became a MASTER of using the art of “scene creation” and layering in Pockets of Emotion™ - a proprietary system devised by me (that I’m willing to teach you too...keep reading). This secret process makes a house unforgettable and makes you the master of the staging scene.

As a result of my massive success in real estate investing, I started my own staging company just 3 1/2 years ago—called Simple Appeal Inc. – and our success could only be described as “rocket ride”! I quickly saw the need for authentic Home Staging Training and Education - which is when I founded APSDTM. Since then, APSDTM has become a nationally-recognized leader in the staging and design industry.

I’m now consistently invited to be a guest speaker and presenter nationwide on effectively staging and designing homes. I’ve written hundreds of articles on staging, selling, business-building and real estate. Our designs have been featured on the cover of Homes and Land magazine and I am a monthly columnist in ‘The Real Estate Magazine.’

I was the first—and I’m still considered to be the only one that really teaches staging and design from the perspective of selling the house, versus just making it look pretty. And as you know...selling faster results in repeat business, which means more stagings for you!

Here’s some great advice that will serve you well for the rest of your life:

 “No one else will pursue your dreams for you”

With that in mind, if you are ready to really grab on to something that you want, if now is “your time” then the most important question you should be asking yourself is…

 Your #1 most important question should be...

 If not now, when?

 The #2 most important question should be...

 If not the best, then what is the point?

 We both know the answers—1) Never 2) None

 Is that the kind of answers you want to live by?

 I must admit, for the last couple years I’ve resisted the constant badgering of my fellow real estate investors, my agent clients, the people in my audiences when I speak, and my sellers to reveal my “secret sauce” for selling houses in ½ the time at full market value. But then I finally decided I would reveal my “recipe” - but on a VERY limited basis to a small number of highly dedicated students ONLY.

So I recently developed an exclusive APSD™ StagerPro Certification Program. Whether you are a real estate agent, an investor, an entrepreneur or stay at home mom looking for something while the kids are in school, or an existing stager that just did not get the training they wanted (or needed) from someone else.

 Without a shadow of doubt, from my own efforts, and the efforts of my students, I’m responsible for the successful staging, design and - most importantly...the sale of more homes in ½ the time at full market value - than any single person alive. 

I get results, so my students do what I advise them to do.  I’d gladly go “face-to-face” and “toe-to-toe” on Staging & Design Training with anyone on the planet. 

Now –– This will not be for everyone. As I have already said, I only take a select number of future StagerPro’s at each training because I am committed to giving you EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT STAGING.  In order to take this training, You must be a “doer” - not simply a “dreamer”. You must be committed to really opening your mind to new, different and explosive concepts. And, if you are, then I can show you how to have more fun doing what you want to do than you ever imagined possible!!!

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Why Seminars, Manuals, & TV Shows ALONE Rarely Lead to Successful training

If you’re like me, chances are you have shelf-after-shelf full of magazines, maybe some books and you’ve spent countless hours in front of HGTV. That just means you want it, you can dream it, but now it is time to make it happen with action.

Now, I’m certainly not knocking these methods of learning. I’ve valued greatly from most of these materials...but...

Let me ask you - have you learned to stage or design from them?  Have they made your life and that of your family’s substantially better? Or better yet – let me ask you – have you IMPLEMENTED everything that you’ve learned? No?

 It’s Not Your Fault. You’re Busy.

 Look - even the most rigid disciplinarian has a hard time immediately going through all those materials, much less implementing all the “hot tips” and “secret techniques”...

You may have great intentions, but then life gets in the way. Phones ring. Unexpected things happen. You get sick. Your kid gets sick. Who knows? The point is...

 Sometimes You Just Want To Talk to a REAL Person And Say:

“Please, Just SHOW Me What I Need To Do To Be Successful NOW

 In my days as an actor, it wasn’t until I hired a professional acting coach that I went from doing commercials and way Off-Broadway plays - to landing roles in major motion pictures. Why? Because it’s hard to watch yourself as an actor and “diagnose” what you could do to improve.

A professional, experienced coach can IMMEDIATELY identify the problem and give you the correct solution. The result? Much FASTER success!

Think about it – Venus Williams, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods...all legendary athletes have a coach or a mentor. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, so do many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

A great coach will motivate you...hold you accountable...and, quite frankly, give you a swift kick in the butt when necessary!

 So that’s why... 

I’m selecting a very small group of QUALIFIED real estate agents, investors, stagers and aspiring entrepreneurs to be instructed by ME personally.  I will take you by the hand and guide you…step-by-step…thru the quagmire of what they call “staging” and teach you how to be a “StagerPro” …AND how to have FUN…living your dream and changing your life.

 Your current income… or…success level is NOT relevant in taking part.  Just that you are committed to learning it the BEST way.

If you are, you’re invited to apply for the APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course. This is an elite group and the training will shock the industry…I promise, you will want to be a part of it…

But you must act now…”

Introducing the APSD™StagerPro Certification Course® Every Technique You Could Possibly Learn...Combined With One-On-One Support...To Build Your Record Time

Classroom & Property Training Components

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about the APSD Stager Pro™ Certification Program

Here’s What You Get…

If You Are Selected For My APSD™StagerPro Certification Course®


APSD™StagerPro “On Location” Hands on Training: only you and a handful of others (ONLY 10 total will be allowed into this program!) APSD™StagerPro trainees will join me for this “on location” private training. Get ready to roll up your sleeves. I will cover everything, including:   

On-location Stager Pro Training Workshop 1.0

On-location Stager Pro Training Workshop 1.1


§         My Proprietary Staging & Design method of using very little furniture but lots of emotional triggers to create “scenes” in each room (just like in the movies) and then layer in a Pocket of EmotionTM that makes them pause, laugh, remember, enjoy, be surprised- to make a home unforgettable. This is the SECRET to successfully staging every type of property no matter the location or type of Home.


In this intensive 3-day hands-on training, you’ll get so much real-life instruction, on how to stage, design, and create that you’ll practically be able to do it in your sleep! You will have everything you need to get out and stage from day one.


·        You will be “on location” at actual properties that need to be staged in order to sell. This is not a “sit in my chair” and listen to Karen type of event.  You will be up and staging on the very first day.

·        The second “shopping trip” will be one to the real stores.  No, we won’t be buying clothes, unless of course we can use them for staging. Find out where I shop and why. Now you will see it thru my eyes and my pocket book—the very best items to use, how much to pay, and where to get them.

          There’s MORE… 

The best part, when you leave this 3-day event, you’ll have full working knowledge AND the ongoing support to put your training to work, the very first day!

 You will be head and shoulders above mere “stagers”.  Your APSD™ Certification and training will set you apart in your market as the go-to expert for Staging the property to sell...not just making it look pretty. 

·        AND MUCH, MUCH MORE... 

As you can see, the 3-Day Intensive  APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course will give you EVERYTHING you need to get up and stage from day one !

  But WAIT...The Training & Certification Is Just The Beginning! That’s not even CLOSE to being all...

If You Are Selected For My APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course

You Will Have Ongoing Access To Multiple Tools You Need to Make all your Stagings run smooth as silk...

As a member of my APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course, we will continue to provide you with 100% support, direction and mentorship that you need.


Membership Into the Association of Property Scene Designers™ (APSD): you’ll be known in your area as an industry expert and a consumer advocate with your membership to the APSD™.  

·        WHOLESALE PRICING: when Karen goes on a buying trip, the savings are passed onto you. You will have first opportunity to buy select items at Wholesale pricing.  

* Remember – as part of the 3-day intensive clinic, we’ll take a “shopping field trip” to the warehouse!


·        APSD™ Logo Usage: Because you will be a certified APSD™ member you will have national recognition behind your name. This is where you will stand apart and shine, as compared to the small time “stagers”. Your name will scream EXPERT, as you will be a part of a very unique and select team. YOU will look MORE credible and MORE qualified than your competition so hot prospects will always call you FIRST.


You Will NEVER Be Alone As We Continue to Take You By The Hand And Personally Lead You With Ongoing Coaching, Mentoring and Support.


We’ll be there for you to answer ALL of your questions, so you can shortcut the learning curve, and put yourself on the fast-track: 

·        Monthly Online Staging Training Webinars: You’ll see and hear me discuss the latest staging techniques that are PROVEN to sell properties FAST. Plus, we’ll post copies of all the photos on your private Membership Site, that I show you on the webinar, making it easy for you to duplicate my success and MAKE MONEY. I'll also post the call which is a valuable resource that you can refer to over and over again for quick, money-making ideas and techniques. .


 ·        The Real Report online Magazine Delivered to You Every Month: this is where I will “jump on your desk” every month and keep you “in the loop” with what’s really working. I’ll reveal the latest breakthroughs in Staging & Design, marketing, discuss success strategies, answer member questions and push, prod and nudge you to higher levels of profit and accomplishment!


·        Monthly Expert (sometimes celebrity) Interview Series: one of the biggest secrets to my success is that I continually “sit at the feet” of the greatest marketing & business minds in the world. In these in-depth interviews you will hear the best and brightest “underground” entrepreneurs speak about:  Money-making, creating true wealth, marketing, reducing stress and a whole lot more.  You'll hear from these extrordinary expert once a quarter on your Online Staging Training. Plus, we'll record and post these for you as well.


·        Unlimited Customer Support to Our APSD™ Office: Our staff of trained professionals are here to walk you through every step of the way.  There’s no need to hesitate or worry if you’re ‘doing something wrong’. They serve as your “guide to success” – just an email or phone call away and as many times as you need at no additional cost! 


·        Professional Home Staging & Design Networking Site : there’s no better place to network, get referrals, get your questions answered, discuss Staging & Design techniques, get professional critiques of your marketing pieces and MORE! Plus, you’ll meet new friends and develop life-long relationships as you join the lively discussions on the Members-Only forum.


·        Who Else Wants to Find Out How to Earn $5,000.00 to $50,000.00 in a Single Day??? In addition to coaching & mentoring my Staging & Design Members, did you know that I’m also a Professional Public Speaking Coach? Regardless if you’re a total beginner or a seasoned veteran, I can help you dramatically improve your platform selling skills so you too can have some HUGE PAYDAYS. As a member, you’ll get Get 20% Off My Speaker Training Events

 And that’s not all...

 You Will Also Get FREE Access to These LIVE Events:

 There’s nothing like coming to a LIVE event to recharge your batteries, see the most up-to-date Staging & Design techniques, and get first-hand exposure to the most cutting-edge, profitable Marketing & Business Strategies.

 As a Certified APSD™ StagerPro Member, you’ll get:

 FREE Repeat Attendance to Karen’s National Staging, Marketing and Design Event 

FREE Repeat Attendance to one additional APSD™ StagerPro “on location” Hands-On Training program: there’s so much great information packed into these events – it would be overwhelming for just about anyone. So why not come back and go through it again for NO CHARGE??? Be our guest!  

By Now You’re Probably Wondering

“OK Karen, HOW MUCH???” 

Not as much as it should be. This system covers every possible need, want, or desire you could EVER have when starting your staging training...

Every tool you could ever need (keep in mind...these are the tools that I USE to run a very successful Staging & Design Business) Ongoing

– you name it – it’s ALL here. I’ve poured everything I could possibly THINK of into this course to get you off to a lightning-fast start...working only the hours YOU want to work.

But you must consider that this is also a very PRIVATE affair. I only accept 10 (ten) new members into this program at a time. We have limited the number of members that we accept at once so we can devote COMPLETE attention to your every need. So that means when you come to experience this exclusive APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course, it will ONLY be you, nine other like-minded  StagerPro’s and ME. That’s it. You simply will NOT get that kind of attention ANYWHERE else.

So what is this kind of undivided attention from the leader in authentic Staging Training and Education worth?

$10,000.00...$20,000.00?...$30,000.00? Sure it is. In fact, I would argue that it’s worth more... 

Consider this: The average stager could earn $2000 to $5000 a-month, part-time given the right education, tools and support. However, most will never acheive this due to antiquated training techniques that may have worked 10 years ago, but are certainly NOT effective in Todays's Real Estate Market.


I’m offering you the opportunity of making AT LEAST that much in the first month alone...


Plus, the opportunity to grow with APSD™ and achieve levels such as Property Scene Designer, Property Designer Trainer and Beyond…

Amazingly, I’ve decided to keep this program less than the cost you will make in your first month of Staging . I even offer three different payment plans so it's affordable for everyone that qualifies. This will include your investment into the Intensive APSD™ StagerPro Certification “On Location” Hands-On Training, all the stagings, class-room sessions, the field trip and use of my warehouse, shopping trips, all books, manuals, transportation to Staging locations and several meals.

And, to maintain your lifetime Membership with APSD™, and continue to receive the ongoing training, mentoring, tools, support and APSD™ Certification, along with FREE access to LIVE events, we've created an Annual Membership renewal program which is FREE for the 1st Year of your APSD™ Stager Pro Certification Course.


What To Do Now to Get On the Fast Track to living your dreams as a Professional Stager…

Keep in mind that we ONLY ACCEPT 10 NEW MEMBERS into this- SUPER Hands-On, EXCLUSIVE “On Location” training program - at a time. In fact, our next session may already be sold out. To check and see if there is availability at our next APSD™ Stager Pro SUPER-Training...

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You will immediately be notified if there are openings. If not, your name will be put on the waiting list for our next available training.


If you’re hesitating, it probably means that you might be worried about the investment. So then my question is...compared to what? What other business can you invest in that allows you to make your investment back and more - in just the first month? What else can you possibly do in that time period that will let you completely change your future AND let you live life on your own terms?

Look. Did you go to college? What did it cost you? $30,000? $50,000...$100,000? How much of that money has had a direct relationship to the amount of money you make now and the amount of enjoyment you have in your life? Where else can you make such a small investment and reap such GIANT financial AND lifestyle dividends for the next 5, 10 to 20 years? 

What’s that? You’re worried that it sounds too good to be true? Maybe it’s not ALL I’ve said it is? If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re in luck. There’s NO risk to you, because I’m offering you this...


 “All the Risk is On ME” 100% Money-Back Guarantee

 Anytime through 5:00pm of the 1st day of the Intensive APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course, should you feel you are NOT discovering the best-of-the-best property staging and design techniques, previously-unknown resources and highly-proprietary information that will CATAPULT you into highly-profitable Stagings, you need only ask to leave with a full and complete refund, PLUS up to $350.00 of documented travel expenses reimbursed. You see, I’m totally confident and certain of the extraordinary value of My APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course --all the “RISK” is on ME.

 Get Started On the FAST Path to Your Dream Lifestyle TODAY...Before the 10 Spots Are Taken 

The next move is up to you. I’ve shown you that My APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the letter, you’re seriously interested in making...Life-changing money...and have complete control of your time, more choices, freedom and success.

 All that’s left to do now is take action.

 To find out if there are any more spots available at our next APSD™ StagerPro Certification Training

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about the APSD Stager Pro™ Certification Program

 I look forward to meeting you in person at this once-in-a lifetime event!!



Karen Schaefer

Karen Schaefer
Founder, Simple Appeal Inc & APSD

P.S. #1: Regardless if you’re a real estate agent, investor, Stager, Entrepreneur or stay-at -home Mom who wants to earn $2,000 to $5,000 a month working Part-time, there has NEVER been a better time to start working as a Certified and Qualified APSDTM StagerPro. My proprietary system goes WAY beyond showing you how to simply make houses “look pretty.” (Using my secret techniques, my team of nationwide Certified Property Scene Designers have an Average Days on Market of just 27 while the National Average is 170 days. When you possess the almost “magical” ability to sell a house in 1/2 the time at full market value, people will line up down the street to give you money!) Click here to get Started on your Track to Financial Freedom Today!

 P.P.S. #2: Remember, I only let 10 new Certified APSD™ StagerPro Members into the program at one time.
Make sure you’re one of those 10 by applying & talking to an APSD Business Consultant There are a couple good reasons I do it this way: (1) to create an intimate, highly-charged learning environment at the APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course. There’s nothing quite like being “On Location” with 9 other highly-motivated people who are DEAD SERIOUS about hitting the ground running doing their own Stagings. And (2) since you will be prepared to make money from day one after the Training Program, my team will be available to answer any questions and give you the support you need to make SURE you start staging as FAST as possible


P.P.P.S. #3: This is MORE than a one-time “boot camp” (where you forget most of what you learn a week after you leave) or a bunch of manuals, CDs and books (that you never “get around to” doing anything with). This is a Complete “On Location Hands-On”  SYSTEM: ongoing training, mentoring, coaching, support, tools,live events and MORE - with ONE GOAL in get you up and running as FAST as possible.There’s NO risk because you’re covered with my  “All the Risk is On ME” 100% Money-Back Guarantee: (Anytime through 5:00pm of the 1st day of the APSD™ StagerPro Certification Course, if you’re dissatisfied for ANY reason, we will give you a full and complete refund, PLUS up to $350.00 of documented travel expenses reimbursed). There’s NO risk to you. This is the “lifestyle” opportunity you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to take action – apply & talk to an APSD Business Consultant NOW to learn MORE about the Home Staging and Design Industry and what it takes to become a Professional Home Stager.


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