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Who is Karen Schaefer and why the APSD™ System Works:

As Home Stagers and Designers, we always want to make the property pretty, but our customers really want and need to make it sell—they like the pretty, but they need to sell.  That is when we changed our marketing strategy and philosophy  to “Anyone can make your house pretty, we make it sell” and business boomed because, sellers, agents and investors knew that we meant business!

What the APSD™ team has discovered is a great way to make an enormous amount of money in TODAY’S market while delivering their service on a level that no one else even comes close to matching. .  Not only can they  do an extraordinary staging (often with very little furniture) but the marketing is unbelievable.  

On average, with an APSD™ Home Staging Professional doing  your staging and marketing, they bring 50-300 people to each open house and sell within 2 weekends.  Needless to say, that provides for an abundance of repeat business!

 Today, our Nationwide team of APSD™ Training Professionals boasts a national average days on market of only 27 for selling houses.  Overall, the national average days on market is 163.7 so you can see how powerful our Certified APSD members have become. 

Karen Schaefer is Founder of Simple Appeal, Inc., The Premier Nationwide
Staging and Design Company and APSD™, The Association of Property Scene Designers for the New Generation of Professionally Certified Stager Pro's.

Ms. Schaefer is a self made millionaire entrepreneur and visionary focused on guiding people to their dreams thru a career in the home staging industry.

She is an author and producer of multiple books, Cd’s, Dvd’s and Programs on Home Staging, Home Staging Training and Real Estate Marketing.  Karen has even written a series of children’s books called Phoebee Fleabee (which are near and dear to her heart!).

You may have seen Karen on stage with people from all over the globe as she is a dynamic and much sought after professional speaker and speaking coach, sharing the stage with people like Dan Kennedy, Ron Le Grand, Gordon Jump and many others.  She also has a very successful real estate investment business which she loves.

She is known for having turned over $6M in real estate in just 4 years.

Karen has also delivered thousands of presentations in multiple languages as a Corporate Spokesperson for numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide where she is able to use her exclusive non-memorization speaking system, the ES5000.

She has been featured on HGTV and acted professionally in major motion pictures with people like Bruce Willis, Sarah Jessica Parker, and James Woods.

Time and time again, you will hear her say that her incredible success and insights into the Home Staging Training Industry got their roots from her acting career.

Her experience and expertise in the film industry inspired her to create and
develop the only staging program in the industry specifically designed to
create maximum appeal to a potential buyer, ultimately resulting in a quicker home sale for a higher profit.

If I have perked your interest about this program, please click on the link below to find out all of the APSD™ Stager Pro course components.

I truly hope to see you in APSD Family and look forward to working with you directly.


Karen Schaefer
Founder, APSD


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