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APSD Home Stager™
Certification Program

Dear Future Home Staging Professional,

Hi, I’m Karen Schaefer; Leader, Coach and Mentor to thousands of staging professionals around the world, including many APSD™ Certified Home Stagers - they are truely amazing people and are very close to my heart.

But, you have been asking for more information about my APSD Home Stager™ Certification Program.

You want to know my secrets to success on staging successfully and profitably?…well, I am going to tell you!

It is time to move on from all the “fear” of the economy and the real estate industry and focus on your dreams, desires and potential! And I am ready to share my ultra-successful, one-of-a-kind—proprietary Home Staging technique with you. After all—there are too many houses in this world for me alone!

Now it is time for you to take control of your life and take action toward moving forward. As part of your APSD Home Stager™ Program - I am going to share with you my much sought after Proprietary Formula to staging success so you can get people to beat down your door to get your Staging services!

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Here's a brief overview of the entire Program.

During your Online APSD Home Stager™ Certification Program you’ll discover:

1) Session#1 The Secret 6 Step Staging Pyramid that I have created to ensure success on every single Staging. Every other staging training company in the country wishes they would have created this
easy-to-follow system.

2) Session #2 The Sweet "16" APSD Standards & Procedures - that will set you apart from every single home stager in your entire market-place. Not only will you know more than anyone else - by understanding & implementing the "Sweet 16", your professionalism in the eyes of your client will soar and you will be recognized as the creme of the crop.

3) Session #3 - The 11 Step Staging Project Sheet Checklist - so that you know everything you need to in order to get the job done, how to collect your payment and to secure a second job right on the spot.

4) Session #4 - The 9 Goals of an Effective Stager - and how they can double your income when you implement them.

5) Session #5 - Multiple Streams of Income - How to make 4 streams of income on every Staging job.

6) Session #6 - The 3 most lucrative and fast ways to do stagings for investors that allow you to make up to $500 in one hour! No other staging company in the country teaches this! And, The 2 key strategies to use to secure business from real estate agents even if they already have a home stager.

And you will also…

• Have the ability to send in questions and get answers directly from me!

• Get a nationally recognized APSD™ certification

• Referral to the nationally certified APSD™
Property Scene Designers team to add to your staging opportunities

• Monthly Listing in the nationally distributed On line Magazine, The Home Stage Report, The Offical Publication of APSD™

• Your own APSD™ Home Stager Certification Card & Home Stager designation

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Most importantly, the APSD Home Stager™ Certification program is backed up by my very own
"Personal Guarantee"....


I really want you to love me, APSD™ and the Home Staging Industry. That is why I put so much into this and made it such a great deal for you. But, if after the first session of the course, you decide that it is simply not going to be for you, just let us know. We will refund 100% of your investment and I will wish you well.

If I have perked your interest about this program, please click on the link below to find out all of the APSD™ Home Stager Course components.

I truly hope to see you in the APSD Family and look forward to working with you directly.


Karen Schaefer
Founder, APSD

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