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APSD® Home Staging
Courses & Certification (Levels #1 thru #4)

Level 1: APSD® Online Certified
Home Stager
Home Stager Certification Course Details

In this 100% Online Home Staging Certification Course, Karen Schaefer and her team of Certified Trainers give you the basics behind successfully utilizing the APSD® System of Home Staging. You will learn the art of 'Scene Creation', the APSD® proprietary "Pockets of Emotion®" and the Home Staging Pyramid. Karen breaks down the steps in an easy to follow process that create more revenue and more Home Staging Jobs.

Home Stager Course Details
Home Staging Course Certification
Home Stager Certification
Watch Careers in Home staging Webinar Home Staging Training Course

*Includes posting on APSD® "Find-A Pro" Directory - to attract customers and book Home staging jobs.APSD Home Stager Certified
APSD Home Stager Certification Course

APSD Certified Stager Pro

Level 2: APSD® Stager Pro
*Start program Online and complete
LIVE Staging Exercises with APSD® Certified Trainer

Level 2: APSD® Certified Stager Pro APSD Stager Pro

In this on-location and in-property executive Home Staging Training & Certification Course, Karen Schaefer and her team of Certified Trainers provide hand’s-On & on-location training…just you, APSD® and a handful of some the best home stagers in the country.

The Opportunity to network with the Elite, Up and Coming APSD® Stager Pro Team in order to build a strong team and community across the country. Hand’s On Training with the Proprietary APSD® Home Staging System of Success in at least 2 different homes with multiple challenges to help you achieve extraordinary succes.

APSD® Stager Pro Course is a 2-3 Day "on-location" training program taught throughougt the US and Canada.
A full schedule of classes is available upon application.

Home Staging Course Details Home Staging Course add to cart
APSD Home Staging Live Training

**Includes in the field training directly with APSD® Certified TrainersHome Staging Course

APSD Certified Property Scene Designer
Level 3: APSD® Property Scene Designer
*Online course combined with
one-on-one Coaching directly

with Karen Schaefer, Founder APSD®

Level 3: APSD® Certified Property Scene DesignerAPSD Stager Pro

This is highest level of APSD® Staging Certification - including, Business Development, High-level Marketing Strategies, Open House Event Training, Luxury Property Staging, Real Estate Sales Meeting System, Building your Home Staging team and Monthly One-on-One Coaching Sessions.

Real Estate Sales Meeting System.
Advanced Business and Marketing Direct Response Strategies & Techniques.
Open House Event Training so you can start doing the big events that I do for $5,000-$50,000.
Luxury Property Staging and Marketing for million dollar homes and higher.
Building your own Home Staging Team.
Monthly Coaching and Implementation Sessions.
Real Estate Investment Training program.

Home Staging Course Home Staging Course Certification

**Includes posting on APSD® "Find-A Pro" Directory - to attract customers and book Home staging jobs.APSD Home Stager Certified

APSD Certified Trainer

Level 4: APSD® Certified Trainer
*Apply for acceptance

Level 4: APSD® CertifiedAPSD Stager Pro

The APSD® Certified Trainer Certification Course has been meticulously designed to create an impeccable home staging training business AND to escalate your existing success with your home staging services business.

All levels of the APSD® Trainers Program are built on a solid foundation of success. Karen Schaefer has been offering her proven home staging courses training services for the past 6 years to those truly committed to professional and personal success.

There are three levels to the APSD® Certified Trainer program:

Level 1: APSD® Certified Home Stager Trainer Level 2: APSD® Certified Stager Pro Trainer
Level 3: APSD® Certified Master Trainer

Home Staging Course Apply to APSD Certified Trainer Course

*Includes Custom Home Staging trainer webpage incorporated into the APSD® Website & class listing service.APSD Home Stager Certified

APSD® Home Staging Specialty Courses


APSD Certified Color Specialist


APSD® Certified Color Specialist

We all hear that color means something different to everyone, and that is nothing but true. Color has an impact on home owners who are living in the home as well as those trying to purchase a home.

When it comes to occupied color consultations you are creating a plan based on what the clients likes and dislikes are. For color consultations on a home that is going to be sold the concept is completely different, your task at that point is to educate and guide your clients into a “sell-able” color that will appeal to the targeted client.

This color course brings those two worlds together unlike any other helping you select color schemes and make a plan for your client should it be for living or for sale. Creating Monochromatic, Tetrad, Triad, Complementary or even Split complementary color schemes will be easy after this tutorial & professional color kit sent directly to you.

APSD Home Stager CertifiedAPSD Online Home staging training




APSD® Certified Curb Appeal APSD Stager ProSpecialist

Attention Home Stagers, Interior Designers, Professional Organizers and Real Estate Agents. How would you like to make an additional $97-$497 on every single job or listing without any additional back breaking work?

The APSD® Curb Appeal Specialist training program teaches you how to substantially increase your income with every job or listing and the best part is that it helps your client to sell their house faster!

Home staging Course Home Staging Course

APSD Online Home staging training APSD Home Stager Certified

APSD® Home Staging Business & Marketing Courses


APSD® How to Market Your Home Staging Business

You've read all the articles, bought the certification courses, attended tele-seminars, taken training, but like most home stagers, you're not making as much as you'd like from what you learned, , or you're barely able to make ends meet.

That is why it is critical you learn "How to Market Your Home Staging Business so you can get More Home Staging Clients and Jobs than you can handle ...in the next 30 Days!!" whether you are a Home Stager, Designer, Agent or Stay at Home Mom that wants to be a APSD® Certified Home Stager or at least add the services to your already existing business.

Home Staging Course Home Staging Training


APSD Home Stager

APSD® Home Stager Business Basics

In this Home Staging Business Basics Course, Karen Schaefer and her team of Certified Trainers give every strategy, skill and technique you need to get your Home staging Business up and running as a professional Home Stager. 

APSD® Home Stager Business Basics APSD® Home Stager Business Basics

*Includes: How to Get Staging Jobs, Staging Inventory, Business Forms and Contracts plus much more...




APSD Home Staging Training and Certification Programs

We guarantee support. You aren't alone anymore.
If you have questions about how to use a marketing strategy
or a new idea, you email my team and get help.
Our email is support@apsdmembers.com

You can also reach us 24 hours a day with our Fast
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APSD Home Staging Training and Certification Programs

The Association of Property Scene Designers (APSD®)  was created for the New Generation of Home Stagers.  As times change, markets change and people change, education and services must keep up with needs and change accordingly.

Home Staging Training Comparison

How does APSD® Stack up Against Other Training Associations?
Home Staging Course Comparison "Why YOU Make More
Money with APSD"

The Home Staging Industry has been around since the 1970’s and needed to have an update from the teachings of “vignettes” and “accessories.”  Now, we live in a time where people want to sell houses fast for the most amount of money possible and Home Stagers want to run effective 6 figure business.

APSD Home Staging Training and Certification Course Flow Chart

Hence, APSD® was born in order to service, buyers, sellers and Home Stagers alike.

APSD® is in the business of providing proven Home Staging Marketing and Business-Building Services as well as Home Staging Training and Certification on all levels, including Coaching and Marketing Services, that result in Selling Real Estate in Half the Time and yielding twice as many staging’s for their Home Staging Professionals.

APSD® offers various levels of Professional Home Staging, Design, Marketing, Home Staging Business Training & Membership programs. Specifically, APSD® Members, APSD® Home Stager, APSD® Master Home Stager, APSD® Stager Pro, APSD® Certified Trainer and APSD® Certified Master Trainers.

Each level is designed and built by  educational specialists using both Online and Offline training resources all personally authored, created  and delivered by Karen Schaefer and the APSD® Team.

Whether you have already been trained as a Home Stager, you are an real estate agent or investor,  or you are interested in getting started in a new Career and Business as a Certified Home Stager, you are in the right place.

Looking Forward having you be a part of the APSD®Family.


Karen Schaefer, Founder Home Staging Courses

Karen Schaefer
Founder, APSD®