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Who is Karen Schaefer

Karen Schaefer is Founder of Simple Appeal, Inc., The Premier Nationwide Staging and Design Company and APSD, The Association of Property Scene Designers for the New Generation of Professionally Certified Home Stagers.

Ms. Schaefer is a self-made millionaire entrepreneur and visionary focused on guiding people to their dreams thru a career in the Home Staging Industry.

She is an author and producer of multiple books, Cd’s, Dvd’s and Programs on Home Staging, Home Staging Training and Real Estate Marketing.  Karen has even written a series of...

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APSD™ Certification Courses

The Association of Property Scene Designers (APSD™)  is an International organization created for the New Generation of Home Stagers.

As times change, markets change and people change, education and services must keep up with these needs and change accordingly.

The Home Staging Industry has been around since the 1970’s and needed to have an update from the teachings of “vignettes” and “accessories.”  Now, we live in a time where people want to and need to sell houses fast for the most amount of money possible and Home Stagers want to run effective 6 figure businesses.

APSD™ offers various levels of Professional Home Staging, Design, Marketing, Home Staging Business Training & Membership programs. Specifically, APSD™ Members, APSD™ Home Stager, APSD™ Master Home Stager, APSD™ Stager Pro, APSD™ Property Scene Designer and APSD™ Property Scene Designer Trainer.

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Why the APSD™ System Works?

As Home Stagers and Designers, we always want to make the property pretty, but our customers really want and need to make it sell—they like the pretty, but they need to sell. 

That is when we changed our marketing strategy and philosophy  to “Anyone can make your house pretty, we make it sell” and business boomed because, sellers, agents and investors knew that we meant business!

What the APSD™ team has discovered is a great way to make an enormous amount of money in TODAY’S market while delivering staging services on a level that no one else even comes close to matching. . 

Not only can they  do an extraordinary staging (often with very little furniture) but the marketing is unbelievable.  On average, with an APSD™ Home Staging Professional doing  your staging and marketing, they bring 50-300 people to each open house and sell within 2 weekends.  Needless to say, that provides for an abundance of repeat business!

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